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Blog Topics

Raw Diets:
Prey Model vs. BARF Diets: Possibly the most contentious battle in the dog world
Raw Versus Cooked Foods: Perhaps the most controversial current topic in the pet world (Part I)
Raw Versus Cooked Foods: What is HPP and why does it matter? (Part II)
Updated Second Progress Report: Study of microalbuminuria in dogs fed raw food diets

Coconut Oil: The good saturated fat
Pumpkin: Why is it such a popular treatment for diarrhea?
Raw Honey: A sweet food for the health of your pet
Sweet Potatoes Versus White Potatoes: What is the difference for your pet?
Guest Blog Post: Dehydrating dog treats
Avocados: Poisonous to companion animals or not?
The Skinny on Soy: Exposing a popular pet food protein
Garlic: Beneficial or harmful to companion animals?

Pet Health and Food:
Diets for Canine Liver Dysfunctions
Food Sourcing: Six tips when choosing your pet’s diet
Is a grain-free diet truly grain-free?
“My dog has a chicken ‘allergy’, which means he is also ‘allergic’ to turkey, duck, pheasant, quail, ostrich and all poultry.”
The Pet Food Dilemma: Why do so many pets react to commercial pet foods?
Food Transitioning vs. Food Rotating: What is the difference?
Reduce Inflammation, Improve Detoxification and Promote Repair
Should companion animals who have chronic kidney disease eat lower protein diets?
Addressing Pet Sensitivities to Foods with Homemade Diets