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Tests for 24 purified food extracts that recognize 56 food ingredients: Beef (Bison and Buffalo), Chicken (Chicken Fat, Necks and Flavorings), Corn (Cornstarch, Corn Gluten Meal), Duck (Duck Fat), Lamb (Lamb Dairy, Goat, Goat Dairy), Cow Milk (Cow Dairy), Pork (Pork Fat), Soy (Soy Isoflavones), Turkey (Turkey Necks, Turkey Fat), Venison (Deer, Elk, and Treats/Chews), Wheat (Wheat Germ Meal), White-Colored Fish (White-Colored Fish Oils, Herring, Sardines, Tuna), Barley (Barley Water), Hen Eggs (Fertilized Hen Eggs), Lentils (Peas, Pea Fiber, Pea Protein), Millet, Oatmeal, Peanuts (Peanut Oil), Potatoes, Quinoa, Rabbit, Rice, Salmon (Salmon Oil), and Sweet Potatoes (Yams).

As these foods are measured in duplicate with 2 different antibodies (IgA and IgM), NutriScan detects reactivities to 112 foods.

If prior reactive foods have been removed from the pet diet, retesting should be negative or weakly reactive. BUT, these reactive foods should not be fed again, as immune memory persists and will likely be recalled.

  • New easy saliva collection device with a volume indicator
  • Non-invasive sampling of saliva by pet owner or by veterinary clinic; patented test
  • The only accurate, proven test for pet food sensitivity (published in peer-reviewed journals)

Depending on your policy, most pet insurance companies cover not only routine checkups, but also emergency care, prescriptions, treatment and diagnostic testing such as NutriScan. Please check with your insurance provider or seek out health insurance for your companion pet.

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NutriScan – What You Need to Know
NutriScan will send you instructions and a kit with a special cotton rope to collect your pet’s saliva. You should receive it within a few days after placing your order. Your pet will need to fast overnight before testing; water is okay.

PLEASE NOTE: Pets should not take Apoquel® by Zoetis for at least 2 weeks before performing NutriScan testing, as it can suppress bowel surface immune reactions.
kit instructions

Mailing Details
Please send back the sample within 10 days of collection. You can send the samples via FedEx, UPS or USPS Priority Mail. Return mailing to Hemopet needs to be in a protected package or envelope. No refrigeration is necessary, and the saliva sample is viable for up to 30 days; however we do recommend that the sample should arrive at Hemopet within 10 days of being taken.

For International Samples – including Canada and Mexico – US Customs clearance requires a letter specifying that the “sample is from a horse, dog or cat for diagnostic purposes only, and is non-infectious.” Please click here for full instructions. Download the French, German, Italian and Spanish instruction sheet.

Allow approximately 2-3 weeks for the results.

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