I have used this test on both of my dogs and will plan on testing all dogs in the future who join our family. I first decided to test one of my dogs a few years ago when I noted that she always had gas, and occasional bouts of diarrhea even after rotating through numerous brands and types of dog foods, including raw, and home cooking my dogs food. Using the results of the tests I eliminated several foods from my dogs diet. 
My other dog did not display any outward signs of a problem but wanting the best for my dogs i decided to test her also. I'm glad I did since the test results showed that she should avoid several foods. 

Homeskooling 4 Dogs LLC

Thank you Nutiscan for saving our dog from belly aches and itching. Now we know what we have to do for a happy healthy puppy, if we continued listening to out vet, we would of spent hundreds of dollars and still be feeding him a bland diet of the number one product we should not be feeding him which was chicken. Even better healthy paws insurance covered the cost of the test. What a relief we can now feed our dog the right foods. Best test ever if you are having sensitivity issues with food.

Diana C.

Excellent way to know what foods are best or to avoid for your pet. With symptoms of allergies or food sensitivities it helps to narrow down the culprits in your pet's food - so much simpler than the very tedious and labor intensive food elimination program that many vets recommend. 

Lanie K.

Our 2-year-old golden retriever was suffering from extreme acid reflux, to the point of gagging on the acid all night and having it enter her lungs. Prilosec did nothing. The vet recommended a hypoallergenic dog food with hydrolyzed protein, which didn't help. We spent tons of money on different foods, to no avail. Both of my sons have food sensitivities and we ended up performing food sensitivity tests on them after allergy tests showed nothing. The results informed us of necessary diet changes that ultimately relieved their symptoms. When I discovered the same test can be performed for our dog, I was all over it! The results showed that she was highly reactive to birds (chicken, duck and turkey), white fish and lentil. I then went over the ingredients of all of the dog foods that failed. Boom! They all had these ingredients. Pea and pea protein should be avoided if you have lentil allergies and it was in EVERYTHING.This was a way more effective solution vs.performing $1,500 worth of tortuous allergy tests at the vet, which probably would have shown nothing anyway.